Year Of Joyfulness – Progress To Date

Year Of Joyfulness - Progress To Date

Can you believe that 2017 is half over? How did that happen? Since we are at the at the midpoint of the year, I thought I would do an update on how my Year Of Joyfulness has been going. I want to share my personal progress with you and let you in on what has worked and what need improvement.


For any new habit, accountability is an important part of sticking with it. This check-in is my way of being accountable. It will also help me reflect on what I can do to improve and make adjustments as necessary.


So let’s get to it! Here is my progress report for the year so far.


Positive Mindset

I kicked the year off by adopting a more positive mindset. I decided to watch my choice of words and the tone I was using when speaking. I also decided to ditch negative self-talk and try and re-frame any negative thoughts that crept into my head.



I definitely think I have made some progress in this area. As with anything I have my good days and my not so good days. There has definitely been improvement with the way I talk to my kids and husband, but I am currently struggling with the negative self-talk. I am going to try and nip that in the bud before it gets any worse.


Has It Had Made A Difference?

Adapting a more positive mindset has absolutely made a difference. I see it in myself and in my kids. This habit is something I plan to stick with and improve upon.


Waking Up Earlier

In February, the goal was to start waking up earlier every day. It is a chance for me to get some quiet time in my day and get some things done.


Year Of Joyfulness - Progress To Date


I am happy to report that I have stuck with this habit. I wake up every morning with my husband, enjoy a shower and a hot cup of coffee all before the kids wake up. Some days I focus on working and productivity. Others, I enjoy lounging on the couch and soaking in the silence.


Has It Made A Difference?

Absolutely! Waking up earlier has been a huge boost to my happiness. In fact, on the days when I sleep in with my husband and do not have that time to myself, I notice I can be a little grumpy with my kids. I will definitely be continuing this habit and possibly expanding a bit to days my husband does not work.


Healthy Eating

This year’s third joyful habit was to eat healthier. The goal was to eat more good things so there would be less room for junk. I gave up processed food as well as refined flour and sugar for the entire month of March. I also started eating more veggies and made sure I was eating regularly throughout the day.



Well, friends, sadly this habit has not been going as well as I had hoped. I did well in March, but after that, I went a little crazy. This is part of the reason I have been struggling with negative self-talk. Eating poorly made me feel lousy and has led to a bit of weight gain. I have reigned my eating back in for the most part. There are definitely some improvements that I plan to make.


Has It Made A Difference?

Yes! When I was watching what I ate, I felt better physically and mentally. When I was not mindful of what I put into my body, I had low energy and poor body image. From here on out, I am going to take this habit more seriously.



In April, I decided on exercising at least 3 days a week for 10 minutes. The goal was to boost energy, improve self confidence and overall happiness.



I’m sorry to say that this habit has not been going well either. For the beginning of April I stayed on track, but after that, not so much. Between working, blogging, taking care of my home and making sure I am giving adequate time to my family, I am really struggling to find the time for exercise. I really want to make this habit stick, so I am going to work harder at fitting it in.


Has It Made A Difference?

Hard to say. I did not stick with it long enough to have a definitive answer. However, on the days I did exercise, I felt much better about myself and much more energetic. I will keep you posted on this one in the future as I figure out how to make it work for me.


Keeping The House Clean

If you have been following this series, you know that I broke up the most recent happiness habit into four mini habits. The mini habits included set up a housekeeping schedule, never go to bed with a messy kitchen, make the bed every day, and setting up a simple laundry system.



I have done surprisingly well with this habit. I have managed to maintain order in my home.  I managed to make sure my kitchen was clean every night. The key to success with this was to run the dishwasher every night and unload it in the morning. This way, dishes can be loaded right into the dishwasher throughout the day and they don’t pile up in the sink. I have also made the bed every morning. I am still struggling a bit with my housekeeping schedule. Although I have maintained a clean home, I am still tweaking my routine until I find the perfect rhythm.


Has It Made A Difference?

I cannot tell you how much happier I feel with a clean home. Several people have commented on how clean my kitchen is. I feel much less stressed and get so much more done! Making the bed has also been amazing. Even though the rest of my bedroom is somewhat cluttered at the moment, having the bed made makes it look one hundred times better. I plan to keep improving upon this habit in the future.


I am happy to say that these habits have definitely had a positive influence in the quality of my life. I am going to make a conscious effort to work on the areas that need improvement and uphold the progress I have made so far. I am looking forward to continuing my journey to finding more joy!


I would love to hear about your progress as well! What has been working for you and where can you improve?


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  1. WOW! I love this! I too enjoy and need my quiet time the morning before kids rush downstairs. I have also been working on the eat healthier and more exercise but I too struggle with these. So happy I found your blog!

    1. Thank you, Andrea! I will be sure to keep you posted when I figure out how to make it work. Exercise is my biggest challenge, but I am going to do my best to find a way to fit it in.

  2. Great post! it’s so important for everyone to evaluate all our actions in the year and assess what has worked and what needs improvement! Good luck in everything that needs improvement and keep on doing the good things! Love the positive mindset goal!

  3. Wow! These are all things I’m working at being better at in my life! Waking up early changes my life and mood for he day! It’s such a fantastic thing to strive for!

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