Why You Should Never Go To Bed With A Messy Kitchen | 5 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Why You Should Never Go To Bed With A Messy Kitchen | 5 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Clean

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When my kitchen is a mess, my whole life feels chaotic. Trying to cook a meal or find something I need becomes a huge ordeal and leaves me overwhelmingly frustrated. That is why I have decided to make this month’s second mini habit cleaning the kitchen before bed.


It may seem like you are adding more to your plate, but the truth is, when you start the day with a clean kitchen, it is much easier to maintain throughout the day. It does not have to be perfect, but as long as it is neat and functional, I think that is a win.


I started this mini habit a few days early to make my weekly housekeeping schedule easier and it has made a world of difference. I am much happier and find I have more patience for my kids. It also energizes me and motivates me to clean the rest of my home.


Here are some of the strategies I have employed to make sure I do not go to bed with a clean kitchen.


Deal With Paper Immediately

Between mail and the papers the kids bring home from school, I sometimes feel like I am drowning in paper. I have found that dealing with it the moment it comes into the house makes it easier to keep up with. When the mail comes in, toss the junk into the recycling right away. Any bills, I write them on my wall calendar with the amount due and any information I need to pay it (payment website, account number, etc.). Most of the papers that the kids bring home go right into the recycling as well. If they bring home a special project that they are very proud of, I will put it in a special bin where I keep art work.


Clean As You Go

If you take something out, put it back as soon as you are done using it. If you used a pan to cook breakfast in, wash it, dry it and put it back right away. This makes it much easier at the end of the day when you only have a few things to clean up rather than the whole kitchen.


Teach Kids To Clean Up After Themselves

Not only will this alleviate some of the burden on you, it also instills valuable life skills and good manners. My kids know that after they eat, they are expected to clear their place, put their dishes in the dishwasher and push in their chairs. Start having them do this as soon as they are ready.


Run The Dishwasher Every Night

This has been revolutionary for me. I used to wait until the dishwasher was completely full to run it. Now, if there is not enough room for the dishes that will be used at breakfast, I run it. I usually empty it while the kids are eating breakfast so they can put their things in as soon as they are done. I cannot express how much this has helped with managing the mess. If you do nothing else in this list, start doing this.


Why you should never go to bed with a messy kitchen - 5 ways to keep it clean


Clear And Wipe The Counters

At the end of the day, clear off your counters and wipe them down. If your counters are cluttered, your kitchen will still look messy. Get as much stuff off as you can. Any small appliances that you don’t use daily, put it in a cabinet or in your pantry. The only items I have on my counters are my coffee maker and stand mixer. The less you have out, the better.


Cleaning the kitchen before bed helps puts me in a position to start the next day off right. It energizes me to wake up to a clean home, rather than a mess.


I would love to hear your thoughts or other tips you have. What makes it easier for you to keep your home clean?

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  1. I completely agree with you! But I also extend this to the rest of my house. I just can’t go to bed if there’s a ton of clutter. After our girls go to bed for the night, my husband and I always divide and conquer and spend the extra half hour cleaning up. It feels so much better!

  2. I love for my kitchen to be clean before I retire for the evening. The main reason is it makes me feel good when I go downstairs in the morning.

  3. It is the worst to wake up in the morning with a dirty kitchen! These are great tips and I’m going to try harder to keep my kitchen clean! Thanks for sharing ?

  4. This is my number one trigger. A messy kitchen makes everything feel out of control. This is a great reminder to tame my paper mountain. Why can’t things be electronic?

  5. This…if anything this is the chore I make sure is done before bed. It helps the rest of the day to keep anxiety levels low and bearable when I have a moment in a clean organized space to bask in my coffee.

  6. Oh yes, Bethany, you’re “spot on!” with this one. There’s nothing that sets the tone of the day than the state of my kitchen when I walk in to it in the morning! Fly Lady always says to “shine your sink” before you go to bed; she was a godsend to me as a young mama…
    And as the kids get older, enlist their help, too! Yes, it does make it a lengthier, slower process – at first. But the time put in to training is oh-so-worth-it. The other day we had a celebratory dinner, complete with the good china that needed to be hand-washed, and two of my teens and I had the kitchen good to go in record time. And had a blast doing it!!

    Thanks for sharing this at Coffee and Conversation this week – love it!

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