A Simple System To Get All Your Laundry Done In One Day

A Simple System For Getting All Your Laundry Done In One Day

Most areas of homemaking have been a struggle for me to learn. Laundry seems to be one thing I have been able to keep under control. In fact, I get all of my household laundry done in just one day. I do realize that this is something that many people struggle with, so that is why mini habit 4 is designing a simple laundry system.


In case you’re wondering, I do not sit around my house all day doing laundry. In fact, this past laundry day, I took my boys to their karate class, made a trip to the playground and even had my quiet time. I was still able to get it all done.


My system is nothing fancy or complicated. In fact, you may be surprised with how simple it is. I hope that it helps you put together a system that works for you.


Do Less Laundry

First and foremost, I try to do as little laundry as possible. Think about it, most items of clothing can be worn several times before they need to be washed. It’s also not good for your clothes to wash them too much. You can usually wear pajamas two or three times before they are dirty. Between the five of us, it probably saves me at least a few loads. Towels are another item that can be used multiple times. Just make sure you dry it out really well.


Don’t Iron

Do people actually still do this? I certainly do not. We don’t even own an iron or ironing board. I have never had a problem with wrinkles. I don’t let my clothes sit in the dryer for long so wrinkles never set in.



Keep Your Clothes and Your Kids Clothes Together

I wash my clothes with my kids clothes. There is no good reason for me to split it up. I use a really gently and safe detergent so I don’t have to worry about any skin irritations.


Save The Longest Load For Last

I do my laundry in the following order: Darks, lights, hubby’s work clothes, towels & sheets. My clothes and the kids clothes take the shortest amount of time. My husband’s work clothes are heavy and usually filthy. They take a while to get thoroughly cleaned and dried. And towels and sheets take the longest. I usually have to take the sheets out and turn them around a few times before they are completely dry. Doing it this way allows me to get more done earlier in the day. As a bonus, I can do other things while the longer loads are being done.


Make It Continuous

As soon as a load is done in the washer, move it right into the dryer and immediately put a new load in the washer. When the dryer is done, pull the clothes out right away and move the clothes that are in the washer into the dryer. When that’s done, put another load in the washer and then start folding and putting away the laundry that just came out. I keep this system going until everything is done.


Everyone Puts Away Their Own Clothes

This one is a huge time saver. I taught my boys very early how to put their clothes away. They don’t do it perfectly, but the time I save by having them do it is worth it. The only person who does not put their own clothes away is my daughter. She is still a bit too young, but she will be learning soon.  


This system has allowed me to do all of my household laundry in just one day. I have heard many influential homemakers say that you should do one load of laundry every day, but I find it much easier to do it all at once.


I would love to hear if this month’s mini habits have been helpful in getting your home in order. What other habits have helped you maintain your home?

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  1. With my large family it’s very hard to get all the laundry done in one day. I taught each of my kids to do their own laundry starting when they each turned 11. Then I broke it down so that they only get to go their laundry on a certain day of the week. If they don’t do their laundry, then they have to wait until next week. TBH, this actually helped them conserve wearing clothes. They will wear, as you stated, pjs or jeans a few days in a row, for example. Thanks for sharing.

    Michelle/ Life of an Imperfect Mom

    1. That’s great, Michelle! My kids are a little too young still to do their own laundry, but I will definitely be teaching them how as soon as they are ready.

  2. This is so helpful…esp about getting your kids to put their own clothes away. What age did you start that? I’m drowning in laundry at the moment, but this gives me a bit of hope 😉

  3. Such a great system! I’ve decided we just have way too many clothes, so I’m trying to clean out everyone’s closet to get laundry more manageable. I’m getting there slowly. I can’t wait until my twins are old enough to put away their own laundry!

  4. I also do all the washing in one day, but of course there’s only my hubby and I now. But I did it that way when the kids were home too. I also only washed what was in the wash basket. So those jeans lying on the floor? The tee-shirt dropped on the bed? They get left out. You want them? Well you’ll have to wash it, and no, you may not use the washing machine to wash one item. God’s Medicine Box.

  5. Yes… I love these suggestions. Clean clothes seem to pile up quickly since I don’t have time to fold afterward. And I also rarely iron. 🙂

  6. Laundry is definitely not a fun chore for me, ugh. I just hate folding. Also I get the iron thing so true but sometimes I do need to iron things that might get wrinkle from a fold. Thanks for the tips.

  7. I am the worst at laundry! I think it’s the whole “putting away” part that is my downfall.I think if I do it in a continuous manner like you mention, I might see some success with it!

  8. Thanks for these tiips. We live in an apartment complex with no W/D units so we share the laundry downstairs. Due to this I HATE laundry because I have to drag clothes down every week or so because its so hard to do laundry on a daily basis with 2 toddlers. We are moving soon though so I can’t wait to make it easier with the W/D in the home

  9. Thank you for the tips. We do most of these things at home too. Especially putting away your own clothes. I don’t iron on the day when I do my laundry. But I iron whenever we need to. Like work clothes, and formal wear.

  10. Good Afternoon Bethany, These are such good tips to get the laundry completed in just one day.
    I’m with you when it comes to ironing. I do not iron my clothes until I need them. I used to find when I hung them in the wardrobe they ended up being crinkled….. here in England we do not have walk in closets, which seem to be larger than our wardrobes. Also, when my daughters were teenagers, (a long time ago now) clothes which had been ironed did not always look ironed when my daughters came to wear them, as they had been removed from their coa thangers and were crumpled by being draped across a chair. So I made a pact with my daughters, I would wash their clothes if they ironed them…. do you know, this way, I discovered they looked after their clothes much more.
    Best Wishes to you.

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