Joyful Habit 9 | Create A Beautiful Home

Create A Beautiful Home

I am not a natural decorator. It is not something I am good at and I envy all of you who can create a beautiful home.


We moved into our current home in June 2016. In that time, I have only hung one picture on the walls. The rest of my walls are completely bare, and there is no decor to speak of.


I will often visit friends and family who have beautifully decorated homes and wish I could do the same. The fact of the matter is, without a little nudge, I would probably leave my house it the way it is forever.


Not only do I have a hard time spending money on “unnecessary” things, I also am afraid that I will spend a bunch of time and money decorating, and then absolutely hate it. However, I am beginning to think that decor is not completely “unnecessary”.So I am willing to give it a shot.


That is why for the month of September, I have decided that my happiness habit will be to beautify my home. I need to finally hold myself accountable for turning our residence into a home. I think doing so will not only benefit me, but my entire family as well.


Here are just a few of the benefits of sprucing up your home:


Gives You A Sense Of Pride

Who wouldn’t feel proud to own a beautiful home? Just as with keeping a clean home, the better your house looks, the better you feel about it.


Provides An Outlet For Creative Expression

Decorating your home gives you an opportunity to express yourself. There are countless ways to decorate you home and choosing a style that suits your tastes will greatly affect your happiness.


create a beautiful home


Makes Your House Feel Like Home

With my walls completely bare, it doesn’t truly feel like mine. Although I know we will be here for the foreseeable future, I still find myself thinking about my “dream house”. Adding little touches that reflect my style and hanging family photos will truly make it feel like our home and make it more like the dream house I envision.


Helps You Feel Relaxed, Comfortable And Safe

Certain decor and colors can dramatically impact your mood. Being surrounded by pretty things can reduce stress. Overall, it’s a great happiness boost.


Being Surrounded By Beautiful Things Makes You Happier

Beautiful objects trigger positive emotions like calmness and contentment. Even better, they  reduce negative feelings like anger and annoyance.


Can Affect Your Mental Sharpness And Well Being

Maintaining a beautiful home can positively affect our productivity and make us feel calm.Much like when you maintain a housekeeping schedule.


create a beautiful home


I  plan on doing small projects throughout my home all month long. Some ideas have already come to me that I am excited about. I really can’t wait to create a beautiful home and I will be sure to keep you updated on my progress. 


I am excited to finally bring my house to its full potential. It is long overdue. I believe that adding some personal touches will make our home feel more like a haven to our whole family.


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Create A Beautiful Home

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  1. I agree with everything you say! For me, our home is my creative outlet and one that keeps my husband and I connected with our interest in DIY projects. Having my home put together in a way that we enjoy brings me so much happiness and gives me a sense of completeness. Visiting from Inspiration Monday party.

  2. I completely agree with this! I feel like I struggle to find the time and resources to make a beautiful home but it really sets the mood for everything else that goes on in our homes so it’s so important!

    Thank you for linking up at Mommy Moments last week! This was the top viewed link and will be featured in the new link up today!

  3. Love this post! I absolutely agree that making your house beautiful makes you happier. That’s why I love decorating! Good luck in making your house feel like your home!

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