Joyful Habit 8 | Developing A Gratitude Practice

joyful habit 8 | developing a gratitude practice

Can you believe it is August already? This summer is flying by and at the end of the month my boys will go back to school. My oldest is going into first grade and Mr. Middle is entering Kindergarten! Between that and my husband now working 7 days per week, this month is going to be BUSY. For this reason, I needed a joyful habit that was simple, does not take a lot of time and makes a big impact on my happiness. The habit I decided on is developing a gratitude practice.


There are many different ways to practice gratitude.For my practice, I will be focusing on one thing per day and writing 3 reasons I am grateful for it. As an example, today I decided to focus on my husband and came up with these three reasons reasons to be grateful for him:

  1. Willing to work hard to support his family
  2. Can fix just about anything that needs fixing
  3. Makes me laugh


To be honest, I always thought this practice was kind of cheesy, which is why I have not done it until now. However, after doing some research, I have found that this small habit has some really big benefits. I think after reading about them that you will agree.

Joyful Habit 8 | Developing A Gratitude Practice

Developing A Gratitude Practice Reduces Stress And Negativity

You may have heard of the negativity bias. This is something that we all have. Basically it means that we give bad experiences far more psychological weight than good ones. When we were cave men, it was an important survival mechanism, but today it is not quite as useful. Making gratitude a habit rewires your brain to seek out positivity. The more good things you see in your life, the happier you will be.


Improves Overall Physical Health

Research has shown that those who practice gratitude have lower blood pressure, fewer aches and pains, improved immunity, and even a healthier heart. When you think about all the physical damage chronic stress can have on your body, it makes sense that eliminating stress would lead to improved health.


Improve Your Marriage

Developing a gratitude practice will help you focus on the positive aspects of your partner. It will help you feel more satisfied in your relationship and connected.

 Joyful Habit 8 | Developing A Gratitude Practice

Improves Sleep Quality And Duration

Have you ever been up for hours because your brain just won’t stop stressing over your job, the kids, or your to-do list? Practicing gratitude will replace your stress with positive, happy thoughts that will allow you to drift off more easily and stay asleep longer.

So as you can see this tiny habit packs a big punch. At first glance, it may seem a little cheesy, but it is so simple that you may as well give it a shot.  

Have you ever intentionally practiced gratitude? I would love to hear your experience. If this is a new habit for you, I would love to know how you plan to start!


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Joyful Habit 8 | Developing A Gratitude Practice

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  1. Much needed post for me to read. We are having some family “drama” with our aging parents which is taking its toll on my husband and I. I need to get into this habit so we don’t find ourselves going down an unhappy road. Visiting from Made By You Mondays party.

  2. This is a great habit… and after making it a habit, it is so much easier to “see” the positive things too. God blesses us everyday, but we don’t always see it. Good reminder. 🙂

  3. Yes I have and do! It all began with severe depression almost taking my life. One day I knew I couldn’t go on and I went into my closet and cried out to God. Instantly I remembered I had a book called The Magic. I began reading it and doing the daily suggestions and it totally changed my life!!! I actually posted about it in my blog.

    I have even began teaching my 4 year old gratitude. Also, I make an effort throughout my day to look for things to be thankful for. Maybe I am having physically pain but you know what? I still have two legs to walk on! Buying new clothes AGAIN for my 4 year old may be costly but I’m thankful I have the money to purchase them!

    When you feel like saying something negative always find something about the situation to be thankful for! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this post!

  4. The practice of gratitude is key to enjoying life. Your suggestions are wise. I sometimes find it difficult to maintain a grateful attitude when things seem to be particularly annoying. But, it really does help to find something to be grateful for in any situation.
    Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

  5. Always a needed reminder for me, Bethany! Thanks so much for the encouragement! The habit seems so simple, even if a bit cheesy:); I think I really ought to give it a try.

  6. I just found your blog today and have gone back and read all your posts in this series. You plans for increasing Joy speak to me deeply and I’m going to start working on my own plans using some of your great ideas. I’ve subscribed to your blog and can wait to read more! We’re at very different stages in our lives, my kids are grown, but I love the focus on family you use and the fact that you start with things that are not too difficult and keep it real. Your life sounds much like mine when I was a young mom. My oldest daughter and her husband are living with us now so I still struggle with some of the same challenges in managing my home and my days. Thanks so much for sharing your plan of action and life! I’m so inspired by you!

    1. Lynn, you just made my day! I am so glad that you found this series helpful! Best of luck on your journey to finding more joyfulness.

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