Joyful Habit 10 | 15 Seconds A Day To A Healthy Marriage

Joyful Habit 10 15 Seconds A Day To A Healthy Marriage

This month, I wanted my happiness habit to focus on on maintaining a healthy marriage. After kids, it can be so hard to stay connected as a couple and making time for each other can often fall to the wayside. But it is so important to make your marriage a priority.


These last few months, my husband has been working insane hours and I wanted to find a simple way to help us connect better as a couple that wouldn’t take tons of time. Unfortunately, his schedule is too unpredictable and we do not have enough time together in this season to have regular date nights.


So after thinking about it and doing some research, I have decided that for the month of October, my husband and I will share a 15 second kiss every day. It’s doable, fun and has a surprising number of benefits!


For the sake of full disclosure, I’m going to admit that my husband and I did a few practice runs. 15 seconds is a LONG time to kiss, and it almost felt awkward. But in the end we were both smiling and laughing and I’m sure it will be more natural the more we do it.


Now, here are the reasons why kissing is a great happiness habit and great for maintaining a healthy marriage.

Joyful Habit 10 15 Seconds A Day To A Healthy Marriage

Instant Mood Booster

When you kiss, you immediately raise your level of serotonin and endorphins. Both of these make us feel happier.  

Reduces Stress

Kissing lowers the stress hormone cortisol. This in conjunction with elevated serotonin, makes you feel more relaxed and less anxious.


Improves Immunity

You create more antibodies to fight off the foreign bacteria coming from your partner. This leads to a greater ability to fight off the bad germs and keep you healthy.


Promotes Bonding

Kissing raises levels of oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. This makes you feel more connected to your partner. Feeling connected to each other is one of the key characteristics of a a healthy marriage.  


Increased Longevity

I was really surprised to learn that couples that kiss regularly live about 5 years longer than those that do not.

Joyful Habit 10 15 Seconds A Day To A Healthy Marriage

So go find your husband grab him and give him a long, passionate kiss!


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