The Most Important Times Of Your Child’s Day And How To Make The Most Of It

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My mission with this blog has always been to help mom’s find more joy in all aspects of their life. As a mom, I also want my kids to lead joyful lives. A very important part of that is cultivating deep, personal connections with each of them. Kid’s feel secure when they have a strong family connection. 


It is a time investment that I will gladly give for the emotional well being of my children. Come to find out, it may not require as much time as you think.


Your child’s emotional health can be greatly impacted during 3 key times of their day. Being intentional and making the most of these times can have a profound positive impact on them.


Before we jump in, I just want to clarify that I am anti-mom guilt. Not all moms can be around during all of these times, and that is perfectly okay. We do the best with the time we have. 

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The First 3 Minutes After Your Children Wake Up

This is your first opportunity to be present with your kids.  Starting your day off with positive connection will get you and your kids off to a great start. It can be hard to slow down when you are on a schedule, but 3 minutes isn’t so long, and you can even incorporate it into what you are already connection parenting hack


Here are some ideas for connecting in the morning:

  • Greet them first thing with a smile and a hug
  • Snuggle with them in their beds for a few minutes
  • Sit down with them and eat breakfast together
  • Ask them what they are looking forward to today
  • Ask them what they dreamed about last night and record it in a dream journal


 The First 3 Minutes When Your Child Arrives Home From School

Are your kids in a bad mood the second they get home from school? Mine, too. It can be really hard to want to connect with them when their behavior is not so great.


But it’s important to keep in mind that school can be very stressful and draining for kids. Home is their safe place where they can let loose the emotions they have been holding in all day.  Its important to show them that we are here for them. 


Here are some ideas for connecting after school:



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The Last 3 Minutes Before They Go To Bed

For me, this is the most important time to connect with my kids. This is the last time you will see each other for the day, and I always want to end it on a positive note. 


Here are some ideas to connect before bed:

  • Read a story
  • Snuggle in bed for a few minutes
  • Sing a lullaby
  • Ask them what their favorite part of the day was
  • Resolve any conflicts that may have happened

family connection

As you can see, there are super simple ways to connect with your kids daily. Capitalizing on these key times can have a huge impact on the emotional health of our children. It will make them happier, which, in turn, makes mama happier. 


Ironically, these times of the day can be the most difficult, but making the extra effort to invest in my children is worth it. I do my best to be present during these times and eliminate other distractions like cell phones, electronics, and work. 


I would love to hear the ways that you make time to connect wit your kids. Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I am reading this after the news of the school shooting on 2/14. So very sad and yes, I long for the moments that my grand-children get back in our care or their mothers. We send them off to school and we never know what may happen we just simply trust and have faith
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  2. This is so sweet. I spend a ton of time with my kids, but there’s something to be said about meaningful time when they need it the most. Some nights I find myself rushing through bedtime so I can get to work or take a shower. I have to remind myself that they’ll never be this small again. Lately I’ve been snuggling longer and smooching more 🙂

  3. I use the time in the car after school pick up and dinner time to connect with our kiddos. When my daughter started Kindergarten we began sharing “highs” and “lows” of our day. Ex: my high point was extra recess. This year we’ve sporadically added “encouragements” to highlight our children’t positive behavior. Ex.: I have an encouragement for XXXX for sharing his snack with his little brother. Our kids LOVE this and love to share.

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