The Ultimate List Of Chores for 5 Year Olds

Chores For 5 Year Olds

In my last post, I created the Ultimate List Of Chore Ideas For 7 Year Olds. Today, I am sharing the Ultimate List Of Chores For 5 Year Olds.


My kids are very helpful around the house and I require them to do chores because there are so many benefits to learning these skills!


Just as with my older son, I want to make it clear that my 5 year old does not do all of these chores every day. I still want my kids to be kids and enjoy plenty of free play. That being said, there are a few responsibilities he has to take care of daily and in addition to those, he usually does 1 other chore.


When I have him do these chores, I do not expect perfection. He doesn’t always do these chores well, and I am okay with that. For now, it is more about teaching him responsibility. The technique will come in time.


I make sure to give him lots of positive reinforcement for his efforts. This is also the first year he has been able to earn money for some of his chores. And he has really stepped up his game as a results. He has something special he is saving for that has made him even more motivated to be involved in housework.


Many of these are duplicates from the Ultimate List Of Chores for 7 Year Olds. Because my younger son has had a role model in his older brother, there are only a few things that are different between the two of them. Also, if he sees his big brother doing something, usually he also wants to try and I am happy to let him.  

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Make Bed

My 5 Year Old is expected to do this every morning as part of his morning routine. He has been doing this for a few years now and although it is still not perfect, he is continuing to improve.


Pack and Unpack Backpack

Before school, he is expected to put everything he needs for the day into his backpack. When he returns, he is expected to empty it and give me anything important.


Pick Out Clothes

This is another one of his daily responsibilities.Before going to bed, he picks out an outfit for the next day. I only really enforce this one on school days.


Set Table

He can get the silverware and napkins for the family and set it out at each spot.


Put Dishes In Sink/Dishwasher

Any time he finishes eating, he is expected to put dishes and silverware into the dishwasher or sink (if the dishwasher is full).

Chores For 5 Year Olds



I will usually pick a piece of furniture and ask him to dust it and he is able to do so.


Pick Up Bedroom

This involves putting away toys and books and making sure all dirty clothes are in the hamper.


Fold And Put Away Laundry

He just started learning to fold, so he still needs quite a bit of help. But he is able to put his clothes in the appropriate spot without help. I just need to double check that he isn’t rushing through the task and shoving everything in.



Our vacuum is very lightweight and easy to maneuver. Again, this is not one he does a great job with but with a little direction he does well.


Wipe Baseboards And Cabinet Doors

I just give him a magic eraser and let him wipe them down. He still needs a little help with this but he does a pretty good job.


Wipe Kitchen Table

I usually give him a rag and spray a little of my homemade cleaning spray on it. He has a hard time reaching the middle of the table, so I usually just have him do his own spot.


Put Away Shoes

When my son comes in the house, he is expected to put his shoes away in the hall closet. I need to remind him of it frequently, but hopefully this will be something that eventually becomes habit.


Hang Up Coat

We have a coat rack by our front door that is low enough for the kids to reach. He is expected to hang his coat up after he takes it off.


Change Toilet Paper Roll

When the toilet paper runs out, he knows to get a new roll from under the sink and replace it on the toilet paper holder.


Clean Up Spills

If he spills something he is responsible for cleaning this up himself. I sometimes have to push him a little with this but he does do a good job.


My middle son is not always as willing to help as his younger brother and getting him to help can be challenging. There are several chores he is expected to do every day but we recently allowed him the opportunity to earn money for some of the chores he does in addition to his every day responsibilities. This has really made a difference in his motivation (at least for now).


I would love to hear your thoughts! How do your kids help around the house?


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  1. This is a very reasonable list! My son gets himself ready for Kindergarten(backpack and clothes, as well as hygiene). He also puts away his own laundry, helps with the dogs, and cleans the bathroom. Ha! He doesn’t have to clean the bathroom every day and he doesn’t do a great job, but I don’t have to worry about sitting down in pee anymore. Best. Decision. Ever. 😉

    He and my three year old are also expected to clear their plates after they eat and put them in the sink, as well as helping to clean up toys when it is time, but I see these as habits rather than chores.

  2. OK, so we’re failing at all of these! My son’s idea of tidying up his mess is getting the dustpan and brush and sweeping the floor, but then somehow the rubbish never actually makes it to the bin (I usually find it in a cupboard somewhere!)

  3. I love your chore lists!My 12-year-old and 8-year-old also have their duties around the house and yours are giving me some food for thought on how I can push them a bit further – because you’re right, these are good skills and they should know that mums are not superheroes and they must also do their bit. I might make a list for each of my kids too. Very inspiring.

  4. Love your list! I think having a list of specific tasks your children are capable of doing is a smart thing – I remember times when I just couldn’t wrap my brain around what they should be helping with and I’d get frustrated. Your ideas here are great!

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