The Ultimate List of Chore Ideas For 7 Year Olds

Chore Ideas

In my last post, I wrote about why I make my kids help with chores and I received a lot of questions about the types of chores that my kids do around the house. So I thought I would share some of the tasks I give my kids in hopes it will give you some chore ideas for your kids.


I have decided to make this into a series of posts and wanted to start with the chores my 7 year old does around the house. I will also do posts for 5 year olds and 2 year olds (yes there are some chores that 2 year olds can do). Hopefully this will give you some great chore ideas for your kids as well. 


Before we jump in, I want to make it clear that he does not do all of these chores every day. I still want my kids to be kids and enjoy plenty of free play. That being said, there are a few responsibilities he has to take care of daily and in addition to those, he usually does 1 other chore.


Additionally, he doesn’t always do these chores perfectly, and I am okay with that. For now, it is more about teaching him responsibility. I know that he will get better at it in time.


I make sure to give him lots of praise for his efforts and let him know how helpful he is. Not only does this boost his self esteem, it makes him want to take on more responsibility.

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Make Bed

One of the first things my 7 year old does in the morning is make his bed. This is one of the chores he is expected to do every day and he has been doing it for a few years now.


Pack and Unpack Backpack

Every school morning, he is responsible for making sure his backpack is packed with the things he needs. Lunch, water bottle, and papers or books he needs to return. When he gets home, he is expected to give me any papers he brought, put his lunch container in the dishwasher and then put his backpack away.

 Chore Ideas

Pick Out Clothes For The Following Day

Before going to bed, he picks out an outfit for the next day. I only really enforce this one on school days.


Set Table

I don’t have him set the table formally (I’m embarrassed to admit I’m not even sure of the proper way to do it) but he is capable of grabbing silverware and napkins for everyone.


Put dishes In The Sink Or Dishwasher

Any time he finishes eating, he is expected to put dishes and silverware into the dishwasher or sink (if the dishwasher is full).


Empty Non-Breakables From Dishwasher

My 7 year old can put away silverware and any non-breakable dishes from the dishwasher. Even the items that go in high cabinets. We have a step stool that he is able to use to reach.



This is one of those chores that isn’t always perfect. We work on this one together and he is still learning. I am a firm believer that you should start teaching kids early, especially if they are willing to learn, which he is.



I give my son this mop to use on our floors and he does a pretty good job. This one was a little easier than sweeping and he doesn’t need as much help.



We have this vacuum. It is light and easy to maneuver, which I think is key to my 7 year old being able to do this chore. He is able to vacuum the hallway, his bedroom and our stairs and does a pretty good job. 



Dusting is a pretty simple chore that many kids can do. I will usually pick a piece of furniture and ask him to dust it and he is able to do so.


Pick Up Bedroom

This involves putting away toys and books and making sure all dirty clothes are in the hamper.


Sort, Fold, And Put Away Laundry

This is one of my favorite chore ideas for kids! I don’t know about you, but folding and putting away all the laundry takes me forever. Once I got my kids involved in helping out it made a huge difference. My 7 year old is able to fold and put away his laundry. He is also able to sort darks and light, although he sometimes needs some help with this still.


Wipe Baseboards And Cabinet Doors

I just give him a magic eraser and let him wipe them down. He does a really great job with this.


Wipe Kitchen Table

I usually give him a rag and spray a little of my homemade cleaning spray on it. He has a hard time reaching the middle of the table, so I usually just have him do his own spot.


Wipe Bathroom Sink

This is a great chore for right after kids brush their teeth. Give them a rag and have them wipe it out.


Empty Small Trash Receptacles

My son can empty the small trash cans in the bathroom, bedrooms and playroom. This is not one that he does all the time, but it is something he has done in the past and I know he is capable of.


Put Away Shoes

When my son comes in the house, he is expected to put his shoes away in the hall closet. I need to remind him of it frequently, but hopefully this will be something that eventually becomes habit.


Hang Up Coat

We have a coat rack by our front door that is low enough for the kids to reach. He is expected to hang his coat up after he takes it off.


Change Toilet Paper Roll

When the toilet paper runs out, he knows to get a new roll from under the sink and replace it on the toilet paper holder.


Feed Pets

I give my son a measuring cup so he can scoop the dogs’ food into their bowls.


My little guy loves helping out around the house. It gives him confidence and makes him feel like part of the team. Again, he does not do all of these things every day, and some of these are not things he even does regularly. But these are all things he has helped with at some point that I know he is capable of doing.


Is there anything I missed? Do you disagree? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. I agree with giving children chores and think this is a good list. As you say, you wouldn’t give him all of these each day but he is old enough to start helping and these are age appropriate. Great post. #dreamteam

  2. I am going to start getting my kids to do chores, I keep doing it myself and it is not good for any of us. some great ideas i will be trying #bloggerclubuk

  3. That’s great! Plenty of ideas and variety that you can mix up. Our little one is two and I’ve inadvertently taught him to pick up and put away all his toys before bed. We do it together as a game, racing to get to the end. It’s not seen as a chore, just (necessary fun). #bloggerclubuk

  4. Even as a young child, my parents always gave me chores, and now that I’m a dad, I do the same with my kids. My youngest two are just 4 and 3 now, so they don’t have much, but they usually set the table before dinner, among other little jobs.

  5. I think these are all great chore ideas! My daughter has to do bins and take washing to the machine daily, she also sorts and can put the washing machine on with a capsule which I love! Kids doing chores is so important…


  6. I think it is very important that kids have chores to do. It’s all a part of being family! This is a great list; thank you for sharing it on Party in Your PJ’s. I pinned to my Grandparenting board because the grandkids should be given chores to!

  7. This all seems very age appropriate to me.
    I did have kids who used to make their beds every morning, you’d think it would become a habit wouldn’t you? Now they have gone off to uni and come back neither of the boys make their beds:-( but as they are grown ups I just shut the door so I can’t see it! They’ll move out soon enough! Good luck!

  8. I love these! Great ideas! My daughter will be 8 in March and I’ll be stealing a few of these ideas to add to her chore list. Visiting from SITS Sharefest 🙂

  9. This is great! It’s so good to step back and consider just what they can do at a certain age and stage and give them opportunity to help out and learn skills.

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