Joyful Habit 12 | The Secret Of The Happiest People In The World

Joyful Habit 12 | Hygge

Have you heard of Hygge? I hadn’t until very recently, but it is a Danish concept that is all about embracing coziness. The Danes have been consistently ranked as the happiest people in the world. So Hygge may very well be the secret to happiness.   After doing a little research on Hygge, I believe […]

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One Simple Trick Will Motivate You To Keep The Whole House Clean

one simple trick will motivate you to keep the house clean

Keeping my house clean has made a serious impact on my happiness. Although I am still working on implementing my housekeeping schedule, I have kept my kitchen clean and I feel so much more calm. The first two mini habits of this month were pretty large undertakings, so this week I am keeping it simple. […]

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