5 Steps To Setting Up A Simple Housekeeping Schedule For Overwhelmed Moms

5 steps for setting up a simple housekeeping schedule for overwhelmed moms

A few years ago, I set up a housekeeping schedule so that I could keep on top of the chores. Amazingly, it actually worked! But, after becoming pregnant with my daughter and going through the extreme fatigue of the first trimester, I fell out of it. Then we moved, twice in 2 years and I just never got back into it.


I would clean here and there as the need arose, but never really stuck with a hard and fast schedule.


As I sit here typing, my home is in utter disarray. My counters are cluttered, there are piles of laundry on my dresser, and there are toys strewn about the living room floor. In fact, I almost feel that I should be doing something about it right now instead of writing this. But I guess that’s the whole point of this post.


The most important part of maintaining a clean home is setting up a housekeeping schedule. That’s why for the first mini habit of the month, I have decided to implement one. I am also sharing the step by step method you can use to set up a housekeeping routine that works for you.


Determine Your Priorities

Which rooms are most important to making the house feel clean? For us, it is our living room, kitchen and the hallway bathroom. These will be the rooms that will be first on your housekeeping schedule. Keeping these rooms clean first will also motivate you to continue with your housekeeping routine.



Take a pen and a pad of paper and walk into each room. Make a list of all the tasks that need to be done for the room to feel clean. Your list will seem daunting at first, but try not to have a panic attack! The tasks will be narrowed down so it feels more manageable.


Create A Checklist For Each Room

Go through the list you made in your brainstorming session. Think about the tasks that will make the room look cleanest. Keep your list between 3-5 tasks if you can. For instance, In the kitchen, I have chosen clear the counters, empty the sink and wipe the table. Very doable for moms who only have a small amount of time to keep their home looking nice.


5 simple steps to setting up a simple housekeeping routine for overwhelmed moms


Create Your Schedule

Take that checklist you just made and then decide which rooms will get cleaned on which days. Make sure that your priority rooms are done at the beginning of the week. Also be sure to give yourself a day of rest. You don’t want to completely burn yourself out.


Outsource What You Can

Have I mentioned that I hate cleaning? This is a great opportunity to give the kids little jobs to help out. At first, it will take a little longer to teach them how to do it right. After a few times, they will get the hang of it. I handle the big tasks that really affect the tidiness of my home, but I give the kids little jobs to help out. Some chores kids can do are wipe the cabinets and appliances, dust, wipe down the bathroom sink, and vacuum.


Plan For It

As moms, our days can be really hectic. For me, I know that if something is not scheduled, it usually won’t get done. The same is true for cleaning. I have decided to dedicate a certain time of day to cleaning. I like to get things done earlier in the day rather than later, so we have chore time right after everyone gets ready for school. We usually have a little time to kill before we need to leave for the bus stop, so it’s a good time to fit in some housework. Think of a time in your day when you struggle to find things to do with the kids. Many families find the time between the end of school and dinner time is like that. This may be a good time to fit in your cleaning. It keeps the kids busy and teaches them valuable life skills. Win-win!


In order for this routine to stick, I needed it to be simple, not take up too much time, and scheduled into my day. As with anything in my life right now, if I do not intentionally make time for it, it just won’t happen. Having a clear outline of what needs to get done also eliminates the overwhelm of the task.


I am looking forward to implementing this into my routine. Keeping my home clean makes me feel much more relaxed. I would love to hear if this process worked for you. What other ideas have you used to keep up with your housework?

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  1. This is great! I’m starting to pick up responsibility for the cleaning again after years of outsourcing the job and I’ve been overwhelmed by the job. Great tips for breaking it down in small steps.

    1. Thank you, Katy! It can certainly be overwhelming! I find that breaking it down this way really helps me keep up with it all.

  2. I really like the “bite-size” aspect of this schedule. The checklist keeps you accountable and the small number of tasks makes it not feel so daunting!

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